Development history of wooden toys
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In ancient times, wooden toys were a single wooden toy, while modern wooden toys rely on different materials and processes to varying degrees, achieving diversified and multifunctional toy functions.

In ancient times, wooden toys were a single wooden toy, while modern wooden toys rely on different materials and processes to varying degrees, achieving diversified and multifunctional toy functions.

Wooden toys are a major category of toys with a long history. Wooden toys have a unique cultural ideology in developed countries in Europe and America at every stage of their historical development. In their respective national histories, Germany's wooden toys are the earliest and most famous. In ancient Germany, there was the emergence of belt lathes. Wooden toys were processed by belt lathes and then polished by hand. These types of wooden toys range in size from very small feet to very large toys, and the most representative work of this type of toy is the wooden ark.

There is a person named Albert in Philadelphia, United States. He is a German who immigrated to the United States in 1872. He began making wooden horse toys for circuses, and his wooden horses have the characteristics of flexibility and lifelike, which are adopted by many local circuses and can still be seen. He was a very popular wooden horse at that time. Later, the circus installed four wheels on the wooden horse, which became the prototype of an ancient carriage.

Inspired by wooden horses, wooden trains, cars, ships, and tractors have emerged in the manufacturing of wooden toys in the future. Up to now, wooden airplanes have become the favorite toys among children. From this, it can be seen that wooden toys not only have a long history and cultural connotations, but also have a sense of giving the times.

Among other wooden toys, stilts and gyroscopes are also popular among children. stilts are very simple wooden toys that combine education and entertainment. Gyroscopes are the simplest practical wooden toys to make, but they are most commonly used among children. When playing on ice, they learn mechanical principles, acceleration, and other knowledge when the gyroscopes rotate. It can be said that wooden toys play an indispensable role in people's intellectual development.

In our country, the history of wooden toys is even longer. In the famous ancient Huarong Road, it was always important to play and understand the role, skills, and combat skills of each character when children were young. Later, wooden toy blocks emerged. In the process of building blocks, they understood the principles of architecture, and once built, they would not fall. If not built scientifically, they would fall. This may have developed many architectural designers, so to speak, Toys are the intellectual teachers of human enlightenment, and children who play well will have significantly outstanding intelligence, which also endows toy manufacturing enterprises with glorious responsibilities.

Wooden toys generally have natural, abstract, and artistic forms in their form. The natural form expresses the essence of toys, providing comfort to the soul, while the abstract form expresses the intellectual factors of toys, giving people unlimited imagination. The form of art expresses the appreciation factors of toys, giving people a beautiful feeling. When a person is feeling down, if they are admiring a large and clumsy toy, they will experience even more pain. At this time, they will appreciate a toy with bright colors, elegant appearance, and a happy appearance, and their mood will be greatly different.

Wooden toys not only have unique charm in intellectual development, but also have good characteristics in other aspects. Practical and safe are the top priority. Due to the fact that wooden toys are processed from wood, non-toxic and odorless, they are very helpful for children's physical and mental health. In addition, they have the advantages of being unbreakable, wear-resistant, and resistant to falling, which is also a factor that foreign countries are eager to purchase Chinese wooden toys.