The development of wooden toys
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The wooden toys of the ancient times are single wooden toys. Modern wooden toys have different degrees of practical and different material
The wooden toys of the ancient times are single wooden toys. Modern wooden toys have different degrees of practical and different material craftsmanship and handling, and the toy functions are diversified and multi-functional.
Wooden toys are a big category in the toy category. They have a long history. The wooden toys are in every stage of the historical development of developed countries in Europe and America. The unique cultural ideology in Europe and America, the history of each country, the German wood. Toys are the earliest and most famous. In ancient Germany, there were belt lathes, wooden toys were machined by belt lathes, and then hand-polished. These wooden toys range in size from a few feet to large toys. The most representative works are the Muya Ark.

In Philadelphia, there is a man named Albert. He is a German. He immigrated to the United States in 1872. He began to make wooden horse toys for the circus. His wooden horses are flexible and lifelike. It is used by many circuses and can still be seen. It is a popular Trojan at that time. Later, the circus installed four wheels on the Trojan, which became the prototype of the ancient carriage.

Inspired by wooden horses, in the future of wooden toy manufacturing, wooden trains, wooden cars, wooden ships, wooden tractors, etc. have appeared one after another. Until now, wooden airplanes have become the favorite among children's toys. From this point, it can be seen that wooden toys have a long history and cultural connotation, and have the atmosphere that gives the times.

Among other wooden toys, stilts and gyros are also toys that children like very much. Sorghum is a very simple wooden toy. It is fun and educational. Gyro is the simplest wooden toy in practical production, but it is the most used among children. When I was a child, I was playing gyro on the ice. When the gyro was turned, I learned the mechanics, acceleration, and so on. It can be said that wooden toys have contributed to people's intellectual development.

In China, wooden toys have a long history. In the ancient Huarong Road, I always played when I was a child. It is very important to understand the role of each character, skill and combat skills. After that, there are wooden Toy building blocks, in the process of building blocks, understand the truth of the building, if it is built, it will not fall, the unscientific construction is down, which may have developed many architects, so the toy is human enlightenment. The intellectual teacher, the good children's intelligence will be outstanding, which also gives the toy manufacturing company a glorious duty.

Wooden toys generally have a natural, abstract, and artistic form in form. The natural form expresses the essence of the toy, gives the comfort of the soul, and the abstract form expresses the intellectual factor of the toy, giving people unlimited imagination. The form of art expresses the appreciation factor of the toy and gives the impression of beauty. When a person is depressed, if he is admiring a big and stupid toy, then he is more painful. At this time, he appreciates a toy with bright colors, elegant appearance and looking happy, and his mood will be very different.

Wooden toys are not only unique in intellectual development, but also have good characteristics in other aspects. Practical safety is the first priority. Since wooden toys are processed with wood, they are non-toxic and tasteless, and they are good for children. Very helpful, and then there are advantages such as not falling, wearing, and being beaten. This is also a factor that foreigners are keen to buy Chinese wooden toys.