Lishui area added seven companies allowed to "export green channel"
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Lishui area added seven companies allowed to "export green channel"
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  Recently, AQSIQ announced the list of approved inspection and quarantine on the green channel system in the enterprise , Lishui City of seven companies allowed to export "export green channel" , that is, from now on to go " green channel exit ." They are Cloud County Jinmao Arts & Crafts Co. , Ltd. Zhejiang ZHENPENG , Zhejiang Jiangxiang Tai Industrial Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang Xinjing Air Conditioning Equipment Co. , Ltd. Zhe Jiang Ruiqi Shoes , Lishui Chuangwei Yongji Electric Co., Ltd. and the days of hi Holdings Group Limited .
  "Export green channel " refers to high integrity , product quality assurance system is sound and stable quality, with a large -scale export enterprises , the implementation of its compliance with the conditions of the origin of export goods inspection and quarantine , inspection and quarantine agencies from inspection of facilitation release management. Green channel approved inspection and quarantine system companies can free inspection and quarantine inspection at the port , speed up customs clearance .
  To support enterprises to expand exports , especially small and medium enterprises to expand exports , last November , the Bureau organized a total of seven Lishui area export enterprise reporting products, including toys, expansion valves , pressure cookers and other shoes and approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision , 7 all through . Up to now, a total of Lishui area businesses permitted to "export green channel" 23 . ( Yeosu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau )