Kim Yun-hand to build a new production safety inspection before the holiday
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Kim Yun-hand to build a new production safety inspection before the holiday
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  September 22 , vice mayor of Lishui City, the new hand- built cloud security checks before the holiday production. County deputy secretary , Mayor Li Hua , deputy magistrate Pengping Sheng and counties , accompanied by the relevant department heads checked .
  Gold has come to build a new trade and logistics city, Ltd. Jinmao inspection projects and production safety conditions , and learn more about the security risks related to the rectification .
  At the forum, Li Hua county reported production safety work. This year , the county seize the "four to ensure " perfect " four mechanisms " closely " four grasp" , earnestly implement the provincial production safety work the spirit of the city teleconference extensive fire safety investigation, major remediation Assembly warfare activities , effectively promote the safe production work and has achieved results .
  After listening to the report , Kim pointed out to build a new , cloud and county government attaches great importance to production safety work , work place , and effective measures effectiveness significantly .
  On how to further consolidate our achievements and to promote safe production , gold Jianxin put forward specific requirements . First, check the depth . To discover the problem by checking , and remove hidden dangers. To do business both self and government supervision , so that in the end vertical , horizontal place , urging business owners to establish responsibility for production safety consciousness ; Second, the emphasis should be prominent. To seize the key , driving overall , strengthen production safety focus areas prone Qunsiqunshang site and business , personnel-intensive workplace safety hazards investigation , rectification in place ; Third rectification thoroughly . Once the problem was found , immediately urged rectification until eliminate potential dangers ; fourth is to be strictly regulated . Construction, traffic , safety production departments should earnestly perform their duties , to the main unit of production safety supervision and implementation of safety measures to avoid accidents ; five contingency should be in place . To establish and improve emergency plans , so calmly, timely decisions and accurate grasp.